Quotes to live by. ✌️😘

Wanna be home with my babies, But tonight is crazy busy. ;((((((( Boooooo. #letmegohome #blahhhhh

"There’s no combination of words I could put on the back of postcard. No song that I could sing but I could try for your heart.."

Meet Timber ❤️

" ☮ P E A C E • cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. " - #AlbertEinstein #hamsa #positivehand #noevilspirits #understand #spreadthepeace

Just realized it’s my Friday. 😊☺️😊☀️🐘 #iloveMondays #happypants

BEST news I’ve had in awhile !!!! :)))) thank you for all the positive good thoughts and prayers people :) I knew it’d work if I had some prayers . :)))))) IM GOING TO MEXICO!!!!

Need more time to find who I am. Too much stress, bills, people angry at me, not being good enough…I just don’t have enough time to love myself, things WILL change, it’s about ME now. . ❤️

She’s a little bit complicated.. 🌾

Today’s my Friday && I’m ready for it 😏